A Resolution Honoring and Commending Professor Morgan Brown and his Family As Pioneer Civil Rights Heroes in the Field of Education

Inasmuch as Mr. Morgan Brown, Sr. obtained a college education, both a bachelors and masters degree, from Alcorn Agricultural and Mechanical College in the days when very few African Americans even attended high school, and

Inasmuch as Mr. Morgan Brown, Sr. was employed as an educator in the West Bolivar County School District for more than 35 years, and

Inasmuch as he had an abiding faith in education and its importance, walking his children to school each morning regardless of weather or other conditions, leading them through their studies to assure that they were obtaining a solid education and shepherding many other students to Alcorn College, and

Inasmuch as all of the Brown children went on to secure far above the amount of education obtained by the average American child- black or white, leading them to amazing success as a Black American family and their serving as model citizens in their respective communities of Rosedale, Mississippi, Greenville Mississippi and Madison, Wisconsin, and

Inasmuch as Mr. Morgan Brown, Sr. had the courage to enroll four of his children in Rosedale Consolidated High School (Ella Mae Brown Johnson, being the first and having to be escorted by law enforcement officers), at a time when the white state and local communities were strongly committed to segregation in public education, and

Inasmuch as the family had to endure KKK cross burnings, the children had to endure daily insults at school, and he was denied employment at Rosedale Negro High School as a result of challenging the practice of public school segregation and having to secure employment in Duncan, Mississippi for two years, and

Inasmuch as Mr. Morgan Brown, Sr. returned to Rosedale after two years and became an active participant in the local Civil Rights Movement, running for Mayor on several occasions and encouraging his children, especially Morgan Brown, Jr. in their civil rights activism, and

Inasmuch as he remained a committed educator, officer of Gospel Temple Missionary Baptist Church, and husband of Ms. Willie Mae Brown, thus, serving as an excellent living role model for young African American youths,

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the alumni of Rosedale/West Bolivar High School, 1952-1970, do hereby honor and commend Professor Morgan Brown, Sr. and his family as authentic pioneering heroes in the field of education in West Bolivar County Mississippi and encourage the world to recognize them.

Done this the 30th day of August, in the year of our Lord, 2008 and witnessed by the following signatures.