Keynote Testimonials

“Incredibly informative and challenging-loved the energy!”


“A lot of good information and perspective. Presented in a way I haven’t heard before. It really resonated with me.”

UW Madison Statewide Social Worker Conference: Confronting Racial Injustice Conference

Conference Workshop Testimonials

“Mr. Brown’s presentation needs to be done nationwide! Excellent!


“I was incredibly moved by the passion and action of Percy Brown, Jr.”

National Alliance of Black School Educators Conference (Tampa, FL.): “Equity and Excellence for All”

“Mr. Brown spoke with passion and conviction. Such a blessing. He has opened my eyes to what is really going on in education.”


“Percy is a very effective presenter. The steps he has taken is something I plan to duplicate.”

National Alliance of Black Schools Educators Conference (Washington, D.C.): Leading with a Black Voice: Black Leadership in a Predominantly White School District

Professional Development Testimonials

“I have attended numerous equity trainings over the past decade. This was, by far, the best. Your powerful stories were meaningful. They set the stage for understanding the strategies that were provided. I highly recommend this training for all educators.”


“The experience with Mr. Brown was eye opening. It was extremely impactful. I want more! He was honest, personal, inspiring, and have made me want to move forward to be an agent of change for our students, families and educators/colleagues. He has research based information that is provided with passion! I would hope anyone and everyone who works with children would be able to engage in this experience.”

Shifting Mindsets: Teaching and Learning from the Inside Out

Student Testimonials

“Mr. Brown/Dad, I will make this short, but I am so blessed to have someone like you. I know that I can go to you for anything. We knew each other before this but didn’t really connect until now. You have taught me how to take my weaknesses and vulnerability and turn them into strengths. Love you pops!”

“Mr. Brown-You have undoubtedly been the largest influence in my high school life. I remember the first day I attended SVU: you immediately made me feel welcome. Only two weeks later, when we departed to Memphis, you continued to influence me. You taught me the importance and the need for advocacy for equal rights…No matter what issue I bring to you, you know what to say and do! I am forever thankful to have you as a teacher and as a role model”


“Mr. Brown, you are the most inspiring person I know. If you would have been the man you are now I believe you would have been one of the main helper of Dr. Martin Luther King. I would love to go golfing with you.”



“Oh Lord, I don’t know where to start…Dad, thanks for being all ears when I was telling you my struggles that I’m facing and just being my role model and inspiration. If it wasn’t for you I’d be lost in school. Thank you for all the things that you’ve done for your and my people. I will truly miss you dad!”